Social responsibility: BayernLB for a sustainable development through SDGs

Regional roots – global responsibility

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The BayernLB helps large and Mittelstand companies in dealing with the risks and opportunities that result from global challenges. As part of the BayernLB green finance initiative, we support our clients in pursuit of a low-carbon, sustainable and social economy – guided by the principle of sustainable development and in harmony with the objectives adopted by the global community.

Global sustainability objectives as a guide for banks

As a public-sector bank, we are particularly committed to national and international climate and sustainability objectives. Based on the resolutions of the Paris Agreement, the German and Bavarian governments have developed plans and programmes for climate protection as far ahead as 2050. Since 2015, we have also used the UN sustainable development goals (SDG) as a target system for global sustainable development up to 2030, defining 16 further social, environmental and economic objectives, in addition to those for climate protection.

BayernLB’s sustainability management takes all these national and international objectives in defining its social responsibility – whether for our operational environment protection, treatment of employees, business relationships with clients and suppliers, product and service development or our social commitment.