Environmental and climate protection

As BayernLB, we make an active contribution to climate protection and the preservation of the natural environment. Given its intrinsic importance, environmental and climate protection has its rightful place all the way at the top of the political and social agenda. Find out more here about the environmental and climate protection measures we are implementing, the strategic sustainability goals we are pursuing in the long term and get to know our climate protection strategy.

Key aspects of our commitment

  • We have a certified environmental management system
  • We use renewable energy
  • We use sustainable mobility for business travel
  • We require our suppliers and external partners to meet sustainability standards
  • We implement sustainable facility management and sustainable workplaces
  • We provide sustainable financial solutions: ESG products and services

BayernLB's Sustainability and Environmental policy

In 1998 BayernLB established and published its Environmental policy. It covers all the major ways in which the Bank helps protect the environment. More details can be found in the document on BayernLB's Sustainability and Environmental policy.

Examples of how we implement our Sustainability and Environmental policy

In reducing our environmental footprint, we rely on technical solutions, such as the use of energy-saving LED lamps. However, our employees also make a valuable contribution here by modifying their consumption, for example in the use of paper.

In some areas, such as water consumption or office heating, the weather also plays a part. In hot summers, there is an increased requirement for water to maintain grounds and outdoor facilities; harsh winters extend the period when heating is needed, thus increasing energy consumption.

Compliance with recognised environmental and social standards

We expect suppliers and external service providers that want to do business with BayernLB to comply with recognised environmental and social standards, including the core labour standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO).