BayernLB’s capital market transactions are subject to strict sustainability standards.

Sustainability standards for commercial and capital market business

BayernLB has also defined the following rules for trade and capital market transactions. They relate to the handling of foodstuffs and controversial weapons as well as institutional foreign exchange trading.

Exclusion criteria: no speculation with foodstuffs

BayernLB does not conduct any speculative transactions in relation to basic foodstuffs. To this effect, the Group does not invest either directly in basic foodstuffs, or indirectly in derivatives which directly reflect or speculate on price developments and/or the scarcity of basic foodstuffs. The BayernLB Group has also excluded the financing of speculative trading in basic foodstuffs.

The BayernInvest subsidiary invests in actively managed mandates and funds, not in individual commodity exposure to foodstuffs. This exclusion includes the management of the in-house investment fund and the third-party initiator investment fund, administered by BayernInvest.

Exclusion criteria: no investments in controversial weapons

As a matter of principle, BayernInvest refuses to invest in companies which produce controversial weapons. These include weapons such as anti-personnel mines and cluster munitions, which are outlawed by international conventions.

Transparency in foreign exchange trading

By signing the FX Global Code, BayernLB supports integrity in institutional foreign exchange trading. The FX Global Code was developed by central banks and market players from 16 countries and specifies consistent standards for international foreign currency trading.