Sustainability standards in the context of finance

World Bank standard as a basis

For all relevant finance for unknown purposes, BayernLB observes the environmental and social standards recognised by the World Bank. They specify comprehensive requirements for the protection of the environment and compliance with labour law and human rights in large infrastructure projects, for example.

Provisions and exclusion criteria for controversial issues and industries

For particularly sensitive issues and industries, BayernLB has developed guidelines that go beyond those issued by the World Bank. BayernLB's particular exclusion criteria means that certain types of finance are excluded, such as finance for building new lignite power plants, supporting oil sands or fracking. For other forms of finance, there are clear guidelines that specify requirements.

Guidelines are reviewed regularly and updated as necessary, such as in the case of new technological developments. BayernLB also checks regularly to see whether there are any relevant regulatory requirements for other issues and industries.

Finance experts at BayernLB are currently working on guidelines for the following issues and industries. When implemented, they will be supported by BayernLB’s sustainability management.

  • Nuclear power
  • Forestry management
  • Gambling
  • Coal mining & usage
  • Oil & gas
  • Arms manufacture