Overarching ESG standards for all business activities

Our overarching ESG standards for all business activities

The following rules apply to all types of business activity within the BayernLB Group:

  • We comply to all embargoes and sanctions imposed by the EU and the UN. Moreover, local regulations also apply insofar as these are required.
  • We do not tolerate any potential economic criminal activities against our company, its customers and its employees and work to combat any form of financial crime.
  • We do not conduct business with people found guilty of bankruptcy or insolvency offences, corruption, money laundering, financing terrorism or other serious offences. Moreover we refuse to conduct business with companies managed by people found guilty of such crimes.
  • We do not participate in transactions which serve to aid tax or levy evasion and/or reduction in its own or foreign countries.
  • We comply with the recommendations of the FATF (Financial Action Task Force) in conducting business with countries which the FATF lists as non-cooperative countries.
  • We do not conduct any business with those who are implicated in the following issues or business activities: Drug trafficking/smuggling, trafficking/smuggling of people, sexual exploitation, exploitative child and forced labour, slavery, smuggling of migrants, organ trafficking/smuggling, prostitution, pornography and product piracy.

Respecting human rights:

In addition to the overarching ESG standards, we also require our suppliers and external service providers, for example, to protect human rights. This also extensd to our suppliers' supply chains.

Also with earmarked project financing we ensure that human rights are protected by applying the standards of the World Bank and other obligations. This is because violations of human rights and the rights of indigenous peoples are often associated with large mining and infrastructure projects.