BayernLB proves itself an attractive employer with its sustainability profile

Strong brand – BayernLB as an attractive employer

XYZ – the new alphabet of personnel policy

As baby boomers gradually approach the end of their working lives, members of generations Y and Z are hot on the heels of generation X in pursuit of university places or taking their first steps into the job market. And while full classrooms, lecture theatres and a competitive labour market were the hallmarks of the baby boomers’ training and professional lives, competition has flared between companies in the quest to attract the younger generation.

In this competition, sometimes described as a war for talent, the employer’s brand is becoming increasingly important. It shapes the image of the Bank, as perceived by potential applicants and employees. Its comprehensive measures to support its employees and, not least, its extensive commitment to sustainable development all contribute towards enabling BayernLB to present itself as an attractive employer in today's labour market.

Low turnover confirms high satisfaction

A key indicator of an employer’s appeal is the proportion of employees who voluntarily decide to leave an organisation. In 2020, just 2.26 percent of BayernLB employees chose to leave – a very low figure compared with the industry as a whole.