BayernLB’s social responsibility: donating & corporate volunteering

Commitment of time and money – charitable donations & corporate volunteering

Social responsibility in sharp focus

The commitment to social causes and education, to art and culture, and science and research is a key element of BayernLB's sense of social responsibility. Instead of scattering its donations far and wide, BayernLB has decided to focus on selected projects, in particular the cooperation with Sternstunden e.V. In the field of sponsorship, it is concentrating on education and scientific partnerships.

Political parties, in particular, are excluded from donations. BayernLB's Code of Conduct states: “We do not make donations to individuals, for missionary purposes, or to political parties, electoral groups or bodies which are cult-like or hostile to the constitution.”

Precious involvement with Sternstunden

Since it was established in 1993, BayernLB has been supporting Sternstunden e.V., a charity campaign run by Bavaria's broadcasting service, Bayerischer Rundfunk. The non-profit association campaigns for the welfare of children who are sick, disabled or facing hardship.

The association has raised over 278 million euros in the past 27 years and supported over 3,319 children's aid projects. By absorbing the management costs, BayernLB has managed to ensure that each and every euro donated goes towards the projects. BayernLB also supports Sternstunden e.V. by providing facilities such as office space and equipment, as well as communication facilities – all free of charge. In addition, BayernLB takes care of the printing and dispatch of bank transfer forms for the donations as well as the processing of all transactions, again pro bono.

Investing time

With its corporate volunteering scheme, BayernLB supports the voluntary commitment of its employees. BayernLB provides employees with an allocation of a number of days each year which they can use as “leave” from their professional activities so that they can put all their energy and ideas into projects that are close to their hearts.

Employees volunteer with Joblinge AG for example, a not-for-profit organisation that provides support to disadvantaged young people aged between 15 and 25 who are seeking work. The group subsidiary BayernInvest has a cooperation agreement with the Otto-Steiner school, a privately-run support centre that provides education for young people with disabilities. Helping the school with renovation work is one of the forms of support provided by BayernInvest employees.