Diversity: BayernLB offers all employees equal opportunities

Diversity – equal opportunities and respect for all employees

Women take the lead

While women account for around 45 percent of BayernLB's total workforce, at least one in every five management positions is currently held by a woman. However, BayernLB is still not satisfied with this figure. As a next step, it has therefore set itself the target of increasing the percentage of women in management roles at all levels of the hierarchy to 30 percent by the end of 2020. At the same time, women are also set to be represented in the top positions. Measures to achieve this objective are being developed and initiated, not least, by the “WoMen Power!” working group.

Career and family – under one roof

Career opportunities are often influenced by whether it is possible to reconcile starting a family – and increasingly, caring for elderly relatives – with a professional career. BayernLB is implementing a range of measures to make this easier. They include a wide range of part-time work and telework opportunities that make it possible for employees on parental or maternity leave to participate in training and information events. Other facilities offered include the parent-child workroom and holiday care. One of the ways in which BayernLB supports its employees with adult care responsibilities is by arranging for care personnel in cooperation with the Arbeiterwohlfahrt welfare service.

Diversity – supporting people and harnessing diversity

People who work at BayernLB come from all walks of life and all kinds of (career) backgrounds. The aim of diversity management at BayernLB is not only to tolerate this heterogeneity but to see it as a means of enhancing our interactions and achieving business success.

This requires us to be tolerant and respectful of each other. A set of guidelines for cooperative conduct is the formal basis for this, specifying undesirable and inadmissible conduct as well as setting out grievance procedures and possible sanctions.