BayernLB as an employer: we help new recruits and talents

Lifelong learning through training and development


In 2019, 56 young professionals chose BayernLB as their employer as they took their first steps into working life. The Bank opted for a mix of dual-trained professionals and academics. So, by the end of 2019, BayernLB had employed a total of 101 new recruits, 26 of whom were trainee banking professionals, with 46 dual students and 29 other trainees. The dual study programme provides the opportunity of combining bank training with studies in banking or business IT.

Fairness in work placements

For BayernLB, fair treatment of trainees is of the utmost importance. The Bank has therefore been involved for some years in the “Fair Company” initiative spearheaded by the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (Handelsblatt Media Group). One of its provisos is that a company must undertake to provide work placement students with interesting tasks and a fair opportunity to obtain a permanent position.

Development: onwards and upwards

In the face of constantly increasing technical and personal requirements, employee development is hugely important. As part of the annual staff appraisal, managers and employees analyse the current requirements of an individual's job and work together to establish their personal development plan.

As a result, employees have access to a wide range of on-the-job and off-the-job arrangements for their technical and personal development. In 2019, the BayernLB Group invested around EUR 2.000.000 in the development of its employees.

Breeding ground for talent

BayernLB fills around 90 percent of its challenging specialist and management roles with talent from within its own ranks. The foundation for this is provided by established and methodical talent management, together with systematic succession planning. This enables high achievers and high-potential employees to be recognised at an early stage and specifically promoted.