Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities

Our employees benefit from diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities thanks to an open, respectful corporate culture. Diversity management, gender awareness and fairness are important building blocks for both the success of our bank and for society as a whole.

It is important to us that our employees can identify with BayernLB, because this enables them to act in an entrepreneurial way: in the assessment of risks as well as in the perception of opportunities, in internal processes and in external communication.

For this reason, BayernLB actively encourages its employees to participate. At the forefront are complying with corporate governance and safeguarding the legitimate interests of other stakeholders. What does this mean in practice? In concrete terms, employees should be involved in the decision-making process in suitable areas by means of regular surveys. At the same time, creativity should be promoted through idea and innovation management and participation in success should be ensured. We assign great importance to corporate co-determination and the participation of staff representatives.

BayernLB supports Diversity Charter
Since 2010, BayernLB has actively supported the “Charta der Vielfalt – Für Diversity in der Arbeitswelt” (Diversity Charter – For Diversity in the Workplace) initiative. As such, we commit to an open corporate culture, which recognises, respects, nurtures and uses employees’ different talents. In 2021, a team of junior staff participated in the Diversity Challenge for the first time.

“As a financier of progress we benefit from innovations, ideas and diverse perspectives.
This is only possible in a culture where everyone feels welcome, accepted, respected, and supported.
Our diversity is a key factor in BayernLB’s success. We commit to this today and will continue firmly on this path going forward.”

Stephan Winkelmeier, CEO BayernLB

Diversity and participation for all

We want everyone to feel welcome, respected and supported. At BayernLB, people with diverse (employment) biographies from four generations work together. Differences in origin or nationality, disability, age, gender or gender orientation, religion or belief, or sexual orientation promote/enrich an inclusive working environment where talents, skills, knowledge and commitment are paramount. Professional development, on the specialist or management track depending on aptitude, is open to all employees with no discrimination.

Diversity as enrichment – BayernLB's diversity management
The aim of diversity management at BayernLB is not only to tolerate this heterogeneity but to see it as a means of enhancing our interactions and achieving business success.

We consider employing people with disabilities as a natural contribution to inclusion and participation. Regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation, BayernLB’s employees can be themselves (“be as you are”). We want the LGBTQI+ community to feel equally accepted and want everyone to be able to get involved in the company.

Promoting a diverse, inclusive corporate culture
BayernLB promotes the development of a management and collaboration culture based on diversity, equal opportunity and inclusion. In addition, professional development, on the specialist or management track depending on aptitude, is open to all employees with no discrimination.

This requires us to be tolerant and respectful of each other. Our Code of Conduct forms the foundation for our day-to-day activities. In addition, there are further internal guidelines, such as our guidelines for acting in a spirit of partnership, which provide useful points of orientation for everyday working life.

As of 2021, our personal development programme therefore includes gender awareness training.

Women in management positions

Since 2016, BayernLB has been working continuously to achieve a balance of female and male managers. In this way we empower our talented employees and open up new opportunities and possibilities. We have achieved the first voluntary milestone with regard to equal opportunities and diversity, specifically the target of 28 percent of women in management positions(as per 31/12/2022). Taking this further, BayernLB aims to achieve a ratio of women in management positions of 30 percent by the end of 2024. We support the targeted development of female managers and female staff with potential. Measures to achieve this objective are being developed and launched, not least, by the “WoMen Power!” working group.

Management level
Number of female managers
31 Dec 2018
Number of female managers
31 Dec 2019
Number of female managers
31 Dec 2020
Number of female managers
31 Dec 2021
Team leader 45 52 47 49
Department manager
22 22 20 24
Division manager

1 3 3 3
Total 68 70 70 76
Proportion of women in % 23.0 24.3 23.9 26.3

Management level
Number of managers
31 Dec 2022
of which women Proportion of women
in %
Team leader 130 44 33.9
Department manager
96 23 24.0
Division manager

22 1 4.6
Total 248 68
Proportion of women in % 27.4

In current projects at BayernLB (including BayernLabo), a quarter of the project management positions are held by women. There are currently a total of 9 female project managers.

The Board of Management and the Supervisory Board committees also consider equal rights and diversity key factors for BayernLB’s future success. We therefore place a special focus on diversity when appointing new members to the Boards and committees.

Commitment to women in management positions
Since our founding, we have been involved in the Munich Memorandum, an initiative that specifically promotes female managers and creates good conditions for a better work-life balance.

The #Fortschrittsfrauen network gives female employees (of BayernLB and its subsidiaries) an additional opportunity to network, inspire each other and discuss the issues that concern them. In this way they can give each other valuable impetus for their careers and receive it from each other.

Discussion between the #Fortschrittsfrauen and our CEO Stephan Winkelmeier

Balancing career and family

Ensuring a balance between work and family for all employees is important to us. BayernLB takes into account its employees’ stage of life by designing suitable working time models that are as flexible as possible. BayernLB has been a member of the “Familienpakt Bayern” initiative since 2017.

We support the compatibility of career and family with numerous offerings:

  • Part-time and teleworking (working from anywhere)
  • Possibility for employees on parental leave to take part in information events and further training courses
  • Possibility of a parent-child office
  • Holiday care
  • Support with childcare through a cooperation with famPlus GmbH
  • Placement of nursing staff by the cooperation partner Arbeiterwohlfahrt awo Life-balance GmbH for employees with family members in need of care

In addition, since 2021, working on site at BayernLB and remotely have been on an equal footing.

Security thanks to a company pension scheme
In addition, we offer company pension schemes (BayernLB Retirement and Death Benefits Plan) tailored to the needs of our employees. These provide additional motivation and a stronger bond with BayernLB.