Participation, development and health

Generations X, Y and Z – Promotion and sustainable development at BayernLB

We offer extensive measures to advance our employees across the generations and thus position ourselves as an attractive employer in the market. Because in this competition described as a war for talent, the employer’s brand is becoming increasingly important.

The employer’s brand shapes the image of the Bank, as perceived by potential applicants and employees. BayernLB offers a wide range of career opportunities and entry options for all generations. As baby boomers gradually approach the end of their working lives, members of generations Z are in pursuit of university places or taking their first steps into the job market. And while full classrooms, lecture theatres and a competitive labour market were the hall-marks of the baby boomers’ training and professional lives, competition has flared between companies in the quest to attract the younger generation.

Professional and further training

Training at BayernLB – Bankers and students on integrated degree programmes
In 2021, 28 career starters chose BayernLB as their employer for their first steps into professional life. These include a mix of bankers who underwent integrated apprenticeships and students on integrated degree programmes. BayernLB has been cooperating successfully for many years with the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University in Ravensburg in the integrated Bachelor's degree programme, offering two courses, Banking and Business Information Systems. At the end of 2021, 60 junior employees were involved in vocational training.

Specialised trainee programme at BayernLB
A trainee programme with a wide range of specialisations (e.g. risk management, mathematics) rounds off our range of junior staff programmes and enables university graduates to take on a wide range of individual assignments in order to find the right start for them. 26 trainees completed a trainee program in 2021.

Fairness in work placements

Fair treatment of trainees is of the utmost importance to us. BayernLB has therefore been involved for some years in the “Fair Company” initiative spearheaded by the Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt (Handelsblatt Media Group). One of its provisos is that a company must undertake to provide work placement students with interesting tasks and a fair opportunity to obtain a permanent position.

Girl's Day – Career choice support for girls
We want to support girls in their professional orientation and show them that they can learn anything. For this reason, we have taken part in the annual Girls` Day since 2018.

“Girls' Day at BayernLB was a great insight into the world of work and, above all, into the company. Not only did I get to know the most diverse fields of application in business informatics, but I also met many inspiring women (virtually). I was encouraged in my plans to go into a field that is more atypical for women.”
Alexandra, 18, participant in Girls` Day 2021

Continuing education – Promoting personal and professional development

We expressly encourage all employees at BayernLB to continually develop their skills and know-how. Promoting our employees personal and professional development poses ever greater challenges, against a backdrop of evolving requirements to the banking business.

As part of the annual career development and performance dialogue, managers and employees analyse the current requirements of an individual's job and work together to establish a personal development plan.

As a result, employees have access to a wide range of meaningful on-the-job and off-the-job arrangements for their professional and personal development.

Investment in further training and qualification measures
In 2020, BayernLB invested EUR 1.5 million in the development of its employees. In 2021, BayernLB allocated a training budget of over EUR 1 million for further training and qualification measures. Despite the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to maintain our full range of further education courses, for example, by introducing a variety of virtual formats. From 2022, the forward-looking topic of sustainability will be given special priority in the further education programme.

Digital Academy – Expansion of digital expertise
In spring 2020, we launched our “Digital Academy”, a training programme that promotes the development of our employees' digital skills. We are convinced that digital skills are key qualifications that enable us to organise our everyday work efficiently. This is especially true in times of increasing digitalisation - which has been even further accelerated by the corona-virus pandemic. In this way, we are supporting BayernLB's cultural change towards becoming a #Fortschrittsfinanzierer (financier of progress).

The bank as a talent factory

BayernLB fills around 90 percent of its challenging specialist and management roles with talent from within its own ranks. Established and methodical talent management, together with systematic succession planning provide the foundation for this. In this way, we can identify high performers and employees with high potential at an early stage and give them targeted support. In addition, female executives have participated in the Munich cross-mentoring programme each year since 2001.

Health – Stress management, resilience and increasing our employees’ own quality of life

Our employees’ health is close to our hearts. In order to support the health of our employees, we have established a company health management system. This successfully pursues the goal of promoting and maintaining the staff’s ability to work and perform. As such, it actively contributes to the considered use of employees' own resources.

Health workshops

  • Stress management: Exercise, relaxation and mental fitness; Resilience and setting limits – Taking care of yourself sensibly; Mindfulness in everyday life – Dealing with stress more consciously
  • Resilience: Strengthen resilience – Gain quality of life. Strengthening resilience and composure
  • Quality of life: living more successfully and happily? How we put scientific knowledge to use
  • Annual health day

In June 2021, we launched the Positive Leadership programme for leaders. As part of this, managers are made aware of the importance of a positive, empowering and motivating leadership style. Positive Leadership is a model for employee management and employee motivation based on the positive psychology approach.