Dialogue with stakeholders

Creating transparency through disclosure of key environmental and sustainability aspects

Transparency is crucial for our governance and for the confidence of all stakeholders. BayernLB regularly conducts a materiality analysis in accordance with the GRI standard for all relevant Group units. This identifies the most significant sustainability issues for stakeholders. The purpose of collecting data in this materiality analysis is to disclose the key environmental and sustainability aspects at BayernLB.

Intensive discussions with many social groups
There are many people and institutions that have a justified interest in BayernLB. We have intensive discussions with these stakeholders. The dialogue is shaped by various parts of the organisation, such as our HR Department, our various front office divisions, Investor Relations, our Press Department and Sustainability Management.

Engagement with sustainability-rating agencies
We have significantly intensified our exchange with rating agencies that focus on sustainability in recent years. Because sustainability ratings are gaining even more importance due to our strategic orientation as a #Fortschrittsfinanzierer.

  • The percentage of investors who take sustainability criteria into account for their investments is growing. Globally their share is already more than 30 percent, according to calculations by the Global Sustainable Investment Alliance (GSIA).
  • The list of criteria used by the sustainability rating agencies is a trend radar. We therefore look very hard to see if the weightings of the existing criteria are changing or new ones being added.
  • We also use the ratings to review and improve our sustainability management.
  • Our objective is to maintain our current sustainability rating despite tougher requirements on the part of the rating agencies.

Politics & lobbying
As a Landesbank, just under 75% of our shares are owned by the Free State of Bavaria. Our tasks are set out in the Bayerische Landesbank Act.

  • We do not make contributions to political parties.
  • We have no employees working on attachment in regional or federal ministries. We do not have representative offices in Berlin or Brussels.
  • We make a major contribution to fulfilling the Free State of Bavaria’s sustainability and climate goals under our public mandate and to supporting the savings banks’ market requirements.

The real economy and financial sector
We work closely with companies in the real economy and financial sector. BayernLB is particularly committed to promoting transparency with regard to relevant sustainability criteria and performance indicators.

In cooperation with political decision makers, sector leaders, customers, NGOs and other stakeholders, we promote the transition to a sustainable and low-emission economy. We provide targeted support in establishing sustainable behaviour in the long term.