Adopt a tree!

Adopt a tree!

BayernLB is giving away trees in lieu of promotional items: Bank employees will be grabbing a shovel and planting seedlings under the supervision of the “Wir helfen dem Wald” foundation.

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Adopt a tree! This is the motto adorning the green felt keychains that BayernLB is currently giving out to customers and business partners at various trade fairs and congresses. Each of the 1,000 limited-edition tokens represents one of the trees that will be planted as part of a reforestation project for a woodland south of Munich. BayernLB is handing out these keychains at such big events as EXPO Real, in Munich, WindEnergy, in Hamburg, and Sibos, in Amsterdam, in lieu of its usual promotional giveaways.

Climate-stable trees such as silver firs are planted.

This campaign is one of the ways in which BayernLB is taking action to help protect the environment. The trees to be planted are robust, climate-stable species like the native European silver fir, i.e. trees that are conducive to a mixed forest, which can better withstand drought, severe storms and higher temperatures than do the prevailing spruce monocultures. The aim of the project is to ensure that the woodland can sustainably store carbon dioxide, filter groundwater and serve as a natural habitat for a wide range of wildlife.

BayernLB cooperates with "We help the forest" foundation

BayernLB is running its adopt-a-tree campaign in cooperation with “Wir helfen dem Wald”, a foundation managed by the Bavaria division of the non-profit “Schutzgemeinschaft deutscher Wald”. Whereas BayernLB is assuming the costs for the forestation, “Wir helfen dem Wald” is scouting out an appropriate woodland area and will oversee the actual crowd-planting, which is slated for 12 December 2022. On that day, as many as 50 BayernLB employees will personally plant the 1,000 seedlings as part of the Bank’s corporate volunteering programme.

In recognition of the good deed, the “Wir helfem dem Wald” foundation will issue a certificate for BayernLB. In addition, the geographical coordinates of the planted trees will be published, along with photos of the event and a video. In this way, the ecological stewards will always know where their adopted trees are growing.

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