Sustainable Financial Solutions

Increasing numbers of investors want sustainable financing solutions

How sustainable are the activities of the companies and institutions I invest in? This is an important question for increasing numbers of private and institutional investors. And it is being asked across the German-speaking world, as the Forum for Sustainable Investments (FNG) discovered: at the end of 2015, over EUR 326 billion was being invested using ESG criteria.

Sustainable financial solutions are important for us too

This covers the following aspects:

  • Complying with environmental, social and ethical standards in financial and capital markets transactions
  • Offering sustainable investment products for private and institutional investors
  • Financing companies and products that contribute to overcoming social challenges such as climate change and the energy shift.

The focus of our activities in recent years

  • Refining existing sector and issue-specific guidelines
  • Drawing up additional sector and issue-specific guidelines
  • Establishing a process to integrate sustainability management more closely in procedures: firstly by reviewing the ESG risks and opportunities of various business activities. Secondly by taking into account ESG aspects in terms of reputational risk.