Real Estate

Making buildings more energy efficient

Making buildings more energy efficient and raising energy standards: That is an important contribution to climate protection. We are committed in various ways.

Green buildings: environmental protection and long-term value preservation

Tenants and buyers alike will increasingly look for properties with certificates in the future. We are expanding our commitment to this growing market segment. We bring with us our experience from numerous projects, including some that were (pre-)certified.

  • Our subsidiary Bayern Facility Management GmbH assists with certification to DGNB by an approved auditor.
  • Our subsidiary LB Immobilienbewertungsgesellschaft mbH documents the value and risk relevance of sustainability aspects in its appraisals.

We pass on the lower funding costs for sustainable projects to the customer. There is a special quota with further attractive terms.

Facility management from the sustainability angle

Managing a portfolio of over 3 million m3 and gradually making major complexes climate-neutral: our subsidiary BayernFM has many years of operational experience.

  • It provides support for optimising real estate portfolios and in new construction and renovation projects.
  • The company helps customers implement the requirements of the Energy Services Act (EDL-G).
  • BayernFM is the first climate-neutral facility manager in Germany. It is certified under the European Eco-management and Audit Scheme (EMAS) and ISO 9001.

Valuing real estate - including using environmental criteria

Our subsidiary LB Immobilienbewertungsgesellschaft issues about 4,000 property appraisals each year. These regularly reflect sustainability criteria.

BayernLabo as an arm of the government’s housing policy

Increasing the housing stock in Bavaria: That is one of the jobs of our development bank BayernLabo. As an arm of the Free State of Bavaria’s housing policy, BayernLabo does not compete with private-sector lenders. In addition to its state mandate, it also sponsors its own programmes to increase barrier-free municipal and social infrastructure and finance investments to make the stock of municipal buildings in Bavaria more energy efficient.