Financing future-oriented railway infrastructure

Financing future-oriented railway infrastructure

BayernLB is Germany’s leading financier of rolling stock. Financing in this industry is special and apart from other financings.

Rock ‘n’ rolling stock: when freight goods do the locomotion, CO2 emissions get down!

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Rolling stock requires customised financing structures

Financing for rolling stock is special and differs from other types of financing. Over the last few years, regional rail transport alone has achieved record growth. New railway companies have entered the market and have been increasing competition ever since. The tender processes are very complex and require customised financing structures for the capital-intensive business.

BayernLB is Germany’s leading financier of rolling stock

BayernLB has been operating in the railway market since market deregulation and has an extensive network, broad expertise and an outstanding reputation. We finance everything that travels on rails and supports the mobility of the future, including:

  • Rail cars
  • Locomotive-hauled passenger carriages
  • Suburban railways
  • Engines and rail cars
  • Trams and the underground

Our financing portfolio has grown steadily over the last few years and comprises a wide range of very different solutions.

Complex financing structures clear the way

For project planners in

  • regional rail (SPNV)
  • long-distance rail transport (SPFV)
  • public transport (ÖPNV) or in
  • goods transport,

we are the right contact. We are experienced consultants in implementing complex structures that require a tailored and specific liquidity financing structure. Professional and quick implementation of financing structures in asset-class rolling stock offers considerable efficiency potential – with regard to both time and finance.

With our customers, we realise solutions for construction period and long-term financing with terms of 20 years and more, as required and with the involvement of leasing. For this purpose, direct loans, receivables purchases and off-balance structures, among others, can be offered.