International & syndicate-savvy: BayernLB brings years of experience and expertise in international project financing

Many years of cross-technology market expertise

BayernLB has been supporting particularly German, but also international, investors in the field of renewable energies with their plans in Germany and abroad for more than 20 years already. Its strengths include an international set-up with branches in the most important core markets of New York, London, Paris and Milan, as well as extensive industry expertise in technologies for photovoltaics, onshore and offshore wind, geothermal, hydroelectrics and energy storage.

The BayernLB projects financings currently comprises almost €3.0 billion with geographical focuses in Great Britain, North America (USA and Canada), France and Italy. In North America, well over 100 transactions with a volume of more than $7.0 billion have already been concluded. Furthermore, BayernLB has positioned itself as a market leader in financing large photovoltaics facilities in the United Kingdom over the last few years.

International expertise in consulting and structuring

BayernLB has proven its structuring expertise in its core markets many times by taking on the role of lead manager. The product range on offer comprises individually structured long-term loans that are standard for project financing, equipment financing, credit/loans and much more. Thanks to a syndication desk that is very well connected to the market, BayernLB is in a position to offer not only large ticket sizes, but also underwriting. In addition, BayernLB works together closely with institutional investors.

Extensive in-house competences

BayernLB can refer to broadly diversified internal expertise when it comes to financing in the field of renewable energies. This makes possible customised financing that responds to the distinctive features of each transaction, e.g. the option to be involved in low-interest support programmes, the acquisition of interest or currency hedging instruments or also taking into account export credit insurances. For businesses with a variety of financing banks, employees from the Agency department take over after completion of a transaction and ensure smooth support in investments from a single source.

Project financings for renewable energy:


Projects implemented in North America: