Future-oriented Asset Management

The two asset managers Globalance Invest and BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft enable investors to put their money in these responsible investment strategies and together offer future-oriented capital investments as part of their newly agreed strategic partnership.

A fuel cell, on exhibit in the Deutsches Museum. Fuel cells are considered the efficiency technology of the future.

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Responsible investors want to not only optimise the returns on their investments but also have a positive effect on the economy, society and environment to achieve a value-oriented return in addition.

Both asset managers Globalance Invest and BayernInvest Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft enable investors to invest in these future-oriented investment strategies and together offer forward-looking capital investments as part of their newly agreed strategic partnership.

Therefore, BayernInvest is opening up – also through close involvement in the BayernLB Group – broad access to institutional investors in Germany, while Globalance Invest brings its specialist expertise as the first asset manager for future-oriented investments across Germany. These are notable in that they are transparent in showing the effect of investments on the economy, society and environment with the Globalance Footprint investment concept. “We are going a step further with Globalance Footprint and want to move more than money. The next generation of investors are concerned with not only returns, but also with the effect of investments,” states Reto Ringger, founder and CEO of Globalance Bank and the head of the Globalance Invest investment committee.

“With its 30 years of experience and expertise on capital markets, BayernInvest is encountering a highly innovative specialist expertise in Globalance Invest,” emphasises Ralf Woitschig, member of the BayernLB Board of Management for capital markets and chairman of the Supervisory Board at BayernInvest. Both companies can now use the partnership to further expand their respective strengths and benefit from one another as responsible investors do from future-oriented investments. Target customers are insurance companies, pension providers, credit institutions, companies, foundations and churches, as well as family offices.

Video: Specialists with 30 years of „asset management“ and „master capital management company“ experience have joined forces with innovative experts in pioneering future-orientied asset management.
BayernInvest and Globalance Invest pool their expertise in a strategic partnership. Dr. Michael Braun, Executive Vice President of BayernInvest, explains why it benefits institutional investors for future-oriented investments to become increasingly significant.

Globalance Footprint highlights the impact of investments

The core of the future-oriented investment concept developed by Globalance Bank is the Footprint analysis. To do this, the company uses the analysis method it developed itself (the Globalance Footprint), which relies on the raw data and analyses of well known providers and experts. This method differs from traditional sustainability ratings in that it takes into account significant factors of innovative strength and future potential in addition to the usual ESG criteria and is therefore forward-looking. Globalance identifies companies and asset investments that anticipate paradigm shifts through megatrends to open up future-oriented investment opportunities.

Future-oriented equity funds

Investors can currently invest in a global equity fund (“D&R Globalance Zukunftbeweger fund,” ISIN: DE000A2DHT58). The selection of portfolio is based on fundamental corporate criteria (assessment, quality, sales growth etc.), the footprint and its characteristic as a “Zukunftbeweger.” “Zukunftbeweger” are leaders (major firms) and pioneers (niche players), who actively shape the future and have a positive economic, societal and environmental impact.

Expansion of the partnership

An expert team headed by Dr Michael Braun, chief representative of BayernInvest, and both co-branch heads of Globalance Invest in Munich, Daniel Bruderer and Julian Rautenberg, has been established for the further long-term expansion of the partnership. Looking ahead, Globalance Invest’s strong high expertise in equity and BayernInvest’s long years of successful pension expertise should be mutually beneficial and enable further future-oriented investment concepts for investors.