Focus on energy-efficient properties

Focus on energy-efficient properties

BayernFM’s “Check-Up Energie” (Energy Check-Up) identifies the savings potential of buildings. It creates an overview of the structural and technical condition of a property and states specific measures to optimise energy consumption.

The BayernLB courtyard. BayernLB has been operating on a completely climate-neutral basis at all of its locations in Germany since 2015.

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Putting energy consumption of properties to the test

Approximately 35% of final energy consumption is attributed to the around 21 million buildings in Germany. The largest share, more than 60%, is used by residential buildings and the rest is consumed in commercial properties. Almost two thirds of residential buildings were constructed before the first Thermal Insulation Ordinance came into effect in 1979. They consume up to five times more energy than buildings constructed after 2001 and therefore have great potential for savings. Many commercial properties are also outdated and are no longer up to date.

Energy consumption already checked?

The “Check-Up Energie” by BayernFM shows exactly where there is potential for energy savings. It creates an overview of the structural and technical condition of a building and states specific measures to optimise energy consumption. In addition, the BayernFM property experts include not only the most important energy-relevant data for the structure and for facilities, but also carry out a thermographic review of the shell of the building. The plan of measures based on this contains the initial feasibility study and identifies the individual measures that immediately lead to savings in energy consumption and costs.

Your certification, please

The energy certification has been compulsory for new builds and general renovations not only since the 2014 Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). It must also be submitted when purchasing, selling and reletting existing properties. With the corresponding classification, owners fulfil not only legal requirements but also receive extensive information about their property’s energy efficiency.

Good to know: as a result of its comprehensive expertise in the property sector, BayernFM is authorised to issue energy certifications. The basis for this is a detailed review of the facility and system technology, as well as a calculation of the property’s actual energy requirements. BayernFM uses this review to identify specific measures with which the building’s energy consumption can be reduced, reducing costs.