Mobility Futurologists

Munich team of students enters its 4th Hyperloop Pod Competition

What might a futuristic transportation system look like? This is a question that TUM Hyperloop, a project team of students at the Technical University of Munich, is tackling. The team is namely researching and developing, with the aid of sponsors, a so-called Hyperloop, or high-speed tunnel transportation system. BayernLB is on board as a sponsor.

The fascination of future technology in a nutshell

TUM Hyperloop’s POD IV, designed by 50 students from 22 countries and seven faculties. This video shows the fascinating fruit of a year of demanding teamwork.

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Dr Christoph Fischer, head of BayernLB’s Global Structured and Trade Finance division

“We support projects for developing future modes of transportation as infrastructure and mobility financing is one of our core competencies.We’re also very impressed by the interdisciplinary research done at TUM Hyperloop. This is an exciting opportunity for us to contribute towards a future-oriented project while also helping our home region of Bavaria.”

Rollout event in Garching

Getting a pre-view of tomorrow’s state-of-the-art technology in rolling stock, logistics and infrastructure is extremely important to our colleagues.

It must be thrilling to chat with young scientists who are working on a complete reboot of our transportation system.

The TUM Hyperloop team, with Anna Larissa Gross and Torsten Kohrmann of BayernLB’s Rail Finance & Structured Leasing team.

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