Sustainable development: BayernLB’s Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct – guidelines for day-to-day activities

Our Code of Conduct is the template for our employees’ daily interactions. The topics covered by the Code of Conduct are thus as diverse as the Bank’s day-to-day professional challenges. They range from compliance with legal regulations and dealing with conflicts of interest to fair dealings with competitors and social responsibility.

BayernLB also aspires to actively supporting sustainable development, with its guiding principle of “we have a commitment to the sustainable development of society” being rooted in the Code of Conduct.

All new employees receive a copy of the Code of Conduct in their induction pack.

Our Code of Conduct for sustainable development

“We take an active and far-reaching approach to the challenges of sustainable development and take responsibility for this by considering the environmental, economic and social aspects of our business throughout the entire value chain. We do this in our own day-to-day operations by our careful use of resources, avoiding harmful environmental impacts and treating our employees responsibly.

We also take account of aspects of sustainability when assessing (business) transactions. We assess each of our actions, our business relationships and transactions, according to ethical principles and aspects of sustainability. We ensure they are compatible with the relevant international environmental, ethical and social standards we have signed up to.

The integration of social and environment-related demands in our financial and money market products offers us and our customers the opportunity to take full account of all risks and opportunities resulting from global challenges, such as climate change and scarcity of resources, and thus to actively contribute to sustainable development.”