BayernLB’s sustainability management

Dedicated to Sustainability

Sustainability at BayernLB

BayernLB has a clear strategic focus on sustainability. Throughout our business activities, we want to assume social responsibility: in shaping our business relationships with customers and suppliers, in developing our products and services, in our dealings with employees, in our operational environmental protection and in our social commitment and climate protection. This self-image is derived from our public mission, to which we are committed.

Against this background, we are continuously developing our sustainability management system - both internally and in relation to our business activities.

To take even greater account of the increasing strategic importance of sustainability, in 2020 we established a separate team for sustainability that reports directly to the Chairman of the Board of Management. Here we are further expanding one of BayernLB's strengths.

Protection of reputation – holistic view

Sustainability Executive Unit is also accountable for central management regarding the risks to reputation, the basis of which is specified in the Group Reputational Risk Guideline. Because of the consistantly rising interconnectivity of reputational risks and sustainable and/or environmental issues these topics are also becoming increasingly intertwined in terms of processes. Therefore the Sustainability Executive Unit basically evaluates reputational risk issues and ecological and/or social risk issues coming from a single source.