Compliance with rules – compliance management

Compliance with rules, provisions and standards is standard practice for BayernLB. Making this statement with full conviction requires the relevant regulatory and social developments to be implemented and monitored within the organisation. Given the ever increasing regulatory and social requirements, this is no small task and requires clear rules.

Compliance: clear rules with high standards

To avoid any breach of rules and regulations, BayernLB has continuously reinforced its compliance management in recent years. The Group Compliance division is responsible for implementing and enhancing compliance management. Its most important task is to avoid, verify and sanction breaches of rules and regulations. This includes combating money laundering, bribery, corruption, white-collar crime and the financing of terrorism.

Protection of reputation

Group Compliance is also accountable to central management regarding the risks to reputation, the basis of which is specified in the Group Reputational Risk Guideline. Experts from Group Compliance work closely with sustainability management specialists regarding risks to reputation that are associated with issues pertaining to sustainability.