Compliance Management System

Compliance management system: working on complying with the rules

Complying with rules, regulations and standards: it comes naturally to us. We also take account of our stakeholder expectations. These include clear guidelines - and people who know them and respect them. That's what we work on closely with our employees. Which is why we set up the Group Compliance area years ago.

Group Compliance’s areas of responsibility include:

  • Monitoring compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements
  • Protecting BayernLB against illegal actions
  • Managing group reputational risk centrally

The focus is always on individual employees. They must keep themselves informed of the relevant legal obligations, instructions, guidelines and framework conditions and obey them. Group Compliance supports them in this, together with other departments like Legal and Sustainability Management.

Avoiding illegal and illegitimate transactions

We strongly believe: some transactions may not be illegal, but they are illegitimate. And that's what the public feels. Illegitimate transactions like this destroy trust in banks. But this trust is the basis for working together with the various stakeholders. Group Compliance supports our staff in meeting these expectations.

Whistleblowing system

Compliance breaches are not a trivial matter. They damage the reputation and security of our Bank. For reporting potential compliance violations we have established a whistleblowing system.