Global Challenges

Our Sustainability Management uses the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a major benchmark for action and rigorously integrates ecological and social aspects into our business activities. This happens at two levels: on the one hand we develop new rules, structures and processes for our Bank to meet the requirements of a sustainable company. On the other, through internal communication and discussions, we focus the attention of our employees on ecological and social risks and opportunities, so that the concept of sustainability is actively practised at all levels of our company.

Our understanding of sustainability

As one of the leading commercial banks for large and medium-sized companies, we assist our customers in dealing with the risks and opportunities arising from global challenges such as climate change. At the same time we are continuously working to ensure that our in-house operations fulfil the requirements of a sustainable company.

Putting binding values into practice

Responsibility is first of all a question of individual action. Each of our employees thus contributes to achieving BayernLB’s sustainability objectives as part of their job. Our Code of Conduct and the sustainability policy form the foundations of our work. While the Code of Conduct lays down normative guidelines for our daily activities, our understanding of sustainability and the goals of sustainability management are anchored in the sustainability policy.

Sustainability management cuts across boundary lines

Management of sustainability issues cuts across intracompany boundary lines and interfaces with almost every business areas in the Bank. The design and development of the necessary structures and processes is one of the central tasks of Sustainability Management, which is anchored in BayernLB’s Group Strategy & Group Communications Division.