Donation Campaigns

Targeted donations for good causes

In 2015 we made donations totalling some EUR 560,000:

  • For charities
  • For memberships in institutions promoting art, culture, science and research
  • For sponsorship of social projects, cultural happenings, congresses and events

Partnership with Sternstunden e.V.

Our largest social commitment is in support of the charity Sternstunden e.V. This organisation helps children in need.

  • We support Sternstunden financially and with a great deal of assistance in kind.
  • Many of our employees volunteer for the charity.

Providing support to the Bavarian State School for the Disabled

Pictures and works of art produced in art projects and art therapy: Every two years we put on an exhibition of works by school students with disabilities. The 2015 exhibition was called "BRIGHT WONDER". The proceeds of EUR 30,000 were split evenly between Sternstunden e.V. and the Bavarian State School for the Disabled.