Looking beyond towards the bigger picture

Megatrends - a new field of action for BayernLB Research

Looking into the future and identifying megatrends are activities which are currently very much in fashion. Megatrends are developments whose momentum appears to be unstoppable and scarcely able to be influenced, at least in the short term, but which have repercussions on companies, sectors, whole countries, and therefore on the capital markets as well. You, dear clients, like us, are affected to a significant extent by these trends on various levels. It is for this reason that we are planning to devote more attention to these topics in future, our rationale being that understanding megatrends and the opportunities and risks bound up with them can be of help when analysing business options especially in the current, highly volatile, market environment and in the face of a short-term and medium-term economic outlook that is fraught with a great deal of uncertainty. This publication seeks to introduce you to what is a new field of analysis for BayernLB Research. We will be committing more resources to analysing megatrends and tracing their implications for economic and financial-market developments. The insights gained on this score will supplement the assessments and forecasts which we already generate and which you can, of course, continue to rely upon. We hope that this new additional tool will provide you with valuable information and would be very pleased to receive honest feedback from you about this new service.



One for the road - Perspectives February 2019 (31.1.2019)

Despite the synchronous slowdown in the global economy and undeniable downside risks, short-term economic pessimism looks overblown. Higher-risk assets should continue to recover for the moment.