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What’s the short-term and long-term outlook for the major economies? What’s going on in the currency markets right now, what does it mean for key cross-currency pairs and where is monetary policy headed? Stay up to date with analyses and forecasts from our multiple-award-winning Economics Team.

What you get

  • Access to capital-market related analyses and forecasts for the major economies
  • All important news about currency markets and currency pairs that matter to your business
  • Insights to help you fine tune your planning for your business abroad in the short run and optimise it in the long run.

Our economic publications (available in German only):

  • Die Woche (weekly): preview of the economic situation and financial markets for the coming week
  • Blickpunkt Wirtschaft (as events occur): offers analyses of economic issues and central banks from a capital-markets perspective
  • Kurzkommentar-Ticker (as events occur): brief comments on indicators and events right after they are released or occur

Our currency reports (only partly available in English):

  • FXpresso (daily): comments on euro-dollar, euro-pound, euro-Swiss franc, dollar-yen and other relevant currencies from a fundamental viewpoint
  • FXshort and FXfocus (regularly, as events occur): a short and a more detailed look respectively at a single currency from a fundamental perspective with analyses and forecasts

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