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Press release | 09.02.2017

BayernLB named Best Schuldschein Arranger

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Press release | 14.12.2016

BayernLB and Crédit Agricole CIB team up to finance 28 trainsets for the Dieselnetz Augsburg I regional rail network

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Press release | 17.11.2016

BayernLB’s successful performance in 2016 continues: First nine months earnings climb to EUR 589 million

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Press release | 10.11.2016

BayernLB and Standard Chartered Bank join forces to support international business

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Press release | 15.09.2016

New business concept for BayernLB in US

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Press release | 18.08.2016

BayernLB posts strong profit before taxes of EUR 409 million in first half of 2016

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BayernLB opens new Mittelstand centre in PRC

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BayernLB posts EUR 91m profit before taxes in Q1 2016

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Restructuring successfully completed, realignment well advanced: BayernLB posts profit before taxes of EUR 640 million

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BayernLB set to pay back another EUR 1.3bn of silent participations to the Free State of Bavaria

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