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Press release | 12.12.2018

Dr Johannes-Jörg Riegler to leave BayernLB, Supervisory Board appoints deputy CEO Dr Edgar Zoller as interim head

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Press release | 15.11.2018

BayernLB posts nine-month profit before taxes of EUR 716 million

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Press release | 10.10.2018

Together for climate protection: BayernLB signs partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative

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Press release | 01.10.2018

BayernLB adopts FX Global Code of Conduct for improving the foreign exchange market

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Press release | 11.09.2018

Changes in the Board of Management of Real I.S. -Jochen Schenk to take over as Chairman

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Press release | 17.08.2018

BayernLB’s solid performance continues, with profit before taxes for the first half of 2018 up at EUR 452 million

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Press release | 26.07.2018

Eva Appeldorn to head the International Real Estate Finance Europe department at BayernLB

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Press release | 15.05.2018

BayernLB off to a strong start in 2018: Q1 profit before taxes of EUR 237 million up slightly on Q1 2017

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Press release | 26.04.2018

Major challenges: Germany’s growth contribution within the EU will be halved to only 11 percent in the 2020s

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Press release | 18.04.2018

BayernLB places EUR 150 m Schuldschein for Jacquet Metal Service S.A.

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