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Press release | 10.10.2018

Together for climate protection: BayernLB signs partnership with the Climate Bonds Initiative

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Press release | 01.10.2018

BayernLB adopts FX Global Code of Conduct for improving the foreign exchange market

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CR News | 22.02.2017

BayernLB withdraws from follow-on financing for Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

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BayernLB supports review to ensure protection of international environmental and social standards in the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL)

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BayernLB finances delivery of 10 wind turbines

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Successful financing of projects „Great Glemham“ and “Supernova”

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BayernLB: EMAS-Certificate 2013

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Press release | 30.04.2013

BayernLB plays major role in financing one of the largest solar power plants in Europe

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Press release | 13.02.2013

BayernLB participates in financing the Butendiek offshore wind farm

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