Issues and prospectuses

Debt Issuance Programme

The EUR 60,000,000,000 debt issuance programme mainly serves for general funding of Bayerische Landesbank in the European capital markets. The programme permits issues of unsecured, unsubordinated bonds, Pfandbriefs and subordinated bonds in both large and small denominations.

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Issues for German-speaking countries

Moreover, Bayerische Landesbank continuously issues a range of non-structured and structured interest products and products with equity structures for the markets in German-speaking countries on the basis of several Base Prospectuses.

Depending on the individual product, those issues may address retail customers or institutional investors. The products may be offered in accordance with the Final Terms (Endgültige Bedingungen) of the relevant product exclusively in the Federal Republic of Germany or, if noted accordingly in the Final Terms for the relevant product, the Republic of Austria and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg as long as the underlying Base Prospectus is valid.

As these products predominantly target the markets of German-speaking countries, information on these products (including the Final Terms, Base Prospectuses, Supplements and the Registration Document mentioned below) is available in the German language only.

The Final Terms relating to these products can be downloaded (in German) using the links provided on the websites "Products with capital protection" and "Products without capital protection". The Final Terms must be read in conjunction with the relating Base Prospectus and any Supplement thereto.

The Base Prospectuses relating to these products and the Supplements relating to such Base Prospectuses can be downloaded (in German) using the links provided on the webpages "Base Prospectuses before 1 July 2012" or "Base Prospectuses since 1 July 2012", depending on the date of approval of the relevant Base Prospectus by the Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (the German Financial Supervisory Authority). The Base Prospectuses approved since 1 July 2012 are drawn up in accordance with the prospectus law applicable since 1 July 2012 with regards to contents and format, while the Base Prospectuses approved before follow the prospectus law applicable until such date.

Information about Bayerische Landesbank can be found in the Registration Document of Bayerische Landesbank, which you can download (in German) using the link provided on the page "Registration Document of Bayerische Landesbank".