Capital Instruments

In accordance with the disclosure requirements pursuant to the CRR, the features of capital instruments must be disclosed. The conditions of the capital instruments that are not covered by the debt issuance programme and which do not constitute a bilateral agreement can be viewed below. An overview of the capital instruments' main features is available in the download box.

Terms & Conditions
WKN 212022 (PDF, 3MByte) 14-Sep-2017
WKN 212069 (PDF, 195KByte) 21-Sep-2017
WKN BLB21G (PDF, 263KByte) 21-Sep-2017
WKN BLB24U (PDF, 237KByte) 21-Sep-2017
WKN BLB37M (PDF, 54KByte) 21-Sep-2017