Rating reports

Fitch Ratings
Fitch Assigns Derivative Counterparty and Deposit Ratings to German Banks (PDF, 4MByte) 12-Dec-2016
Fitch: Full Rating Report (PDF, 262KByte) 02-Nov-2016
Fitch affirms BayernLB's Mortgage Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Withdraws Rating (PDF, 46KByte) 28-Sep-2016
Fitch: Update Mortgage Pfandbriefe (PDF, 229KByte) 13-Jul-2016
Fitch: Update Public Sector Pfandbriefe 2016 (PDF, 175KByte) 11-Jul-2016
Fitch Rating Navigator (PDF, 180KByte) 31-May-2016
Fitch Affirms BayernLB's Mortgage Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Outlook Stable (PDF, 185KByte) 13-May-2016
Fitch upgrades BayernLB's VR to 'bbb'; affirms IDR at 'A-'/stable (PDF, 86KByte) 12-May-2016
Fitch affirms guaranteed Pfandbriefe at 'AAA'; Outlook stable (PDF, 39KByte) 15-Apr-2016
Fitch: Amicable Settlement Would Limit Heta Risks For BayernLB (PDF, 68KByte) 13-Jul-2015
Fitch affirms BayernLB´s Public Sector Pfandbriefe at 'AAA', Outlook stable (PDF, 46KByte) 15-Jun-2015
Fitch Revised Support Assumptions for German Landesbanken (PDF, 365KByte) 03-Jun-2015
Fitch Rating Navigator (PDF, 173KByte) 02-Jun-2015
Fitch Downgrades Bayerische Landesbank (BayernLB) on Support Revision (PDF, 4MByte) 19-May-2015
Fitch affirms BayernLB's Mortgage Pfandbrief at 'AAA'; Outlook stable (PDF, 112KByte) 13-May-2015
Fitch affirms BayernLB's VR (PDF, 42KByte) 05-Mar-2015
Fitch Peer Review German Landesbanks (PDF, 388KByte) 12-Dec-2014
Fitch affirms 23 German Covered Bond Programmes (PDF, 60KByte) 10-Apr-2014
Fitch downgrades 3 German Landesbanken´s LT2 debt ratings (PDF, 45KByte) 28-Jan-2014
Performance Report - Mortgage Covered Bonds (PDF, 483KByte) 20-Jan-2017
Moody´s Credit Opinion: Bayerische Landesbank (PDF, 1MByte) 09-Jan-2017
Moody's upgrades three German banks' senior-senior securities previously classified as senior unsecured debt (PDF, 108KByte) 31-Dec-2016
Performance Report - Public Sector Covered Bonds (PDF, 395KByte) 06-Dec-2016
Moody's assigns senior-senior unsecured bank debt ratings to 14 German banks and upgrades 350 bonds to the new rating level (PDF, 124KByte) 21-Nov-2016
Moody´s Landesbank peer report (PDF, 2MByte) 11-Aug-2016
Moody's Company Profile (PDF, 937KByte) 10-May-2016
Moody's upgrades hybrid debt instruments of Bayerische Landesbank (PDF, 122KByte) 17-Feb-2016
Moody's Issuer Comment: Partial repayment of State Aid another milestone in becoming independant from support (PDF, 1MByte) 12-Feb-2016
Moody's upgrades German banks’ deposit ratings and downgrades senior debt ratings (PDF, 135KByte) 26-Jan-2016
Moody's Credit Focus: Final State Aid Repayment Within Reach - But Not Without A Challenge (PDF, 2MByte) 06-Oct-2016
Moody´s Issuer Comment: BayernLB would benefit from Austria and Bavaria’s Settlement over Heta (PDF, 818KByte) 13-Jul-2015
Moody's Rating Action (PDF, 163KByte) 19-Jun-2015
Moody's Sector in-Depth (PDF, 3MByte) 19-Jun-2015
Moody's Company Profile (PDF, 971KByte) 29-May-2015
Moody's reviews global bank ratings (PDF, 138KByte) 17-Mar-2015
Issuer Comment - BayernLB’s Sale of Remaining ABS Portfolio Is Credit Positive (PDF, 830KByte) 03-Nov-2014
Moody's Issuer Comment: Bayerische Landesbank's Sale of Hungarian Subsidiary MKB Is Credit Positive (PDF, 873KByte) 28-Jul-2014
New Issue Report: Bayerische Landesbank Public-Sector Covered Bonds (PDF, 1MByte) 20-Jun-2014
Special Comment: Reassessing Systemic Support for EU Banks (PDF, 1MByte) 30-May-2014
Moody´s changes outlooks to stable on debt ratings of 15 German banking groups guaranteed by the German sovereign and/or sub-sovereign governments (PDF, 120KByte) 07-Mar-2014
New Issue Report: Bayerische Landesbank Mortgage Covered Bonds (PDF, 1MByte) 11-Feb-2013