Brief Profile

The Bavarian bank for the German economy

Financing growth and innovation for companies in Bavaria, Germany, Europe and worldwide: this is the clear mandate with which we serve large and medium-sized companies and the public sector. We are also a leading player in commercial real estate financing.

Closely integrated in the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe

For decades, over 400 savings banks in Bavaria and Germany have trusted us as a preferred partner. For instance, when it comes to issuing public-sector bonds: thanks to our longstanding customer relationships and sector expertise we are one of the leading arrangers. We serve retail customers through our subsidiary Deutsche Kreditbank AG (DKB).

Right there for our customers

  • Germany: Munich head office, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Berlin
  • Europe: Branch offices in London, Milan and Paris; Representative office in Moscow
  • America: New York branch

We are active in these segments

  • Core business: Corporates & Mittelstand, Real Estate & Savings Banks/Association, DKB, Financial Markets

Our shareholders

  • Association of Bavarian Savings Banks (approx. 25%)
  • Free State of Bavaria (approx. 75%)

Liquidity & funding

  • Balanced funding mix of secured and unsecured bonds with a focus on euro
  • Diversified funding sources, particularly via the savings banks, institutional investors, retail customers and the international debt issuance programme
  • High retail funding via the savings banks (B custody accounts, 2017: approx. EUR 1.4 bn)
  • The Bank ensures access to capital markets by regularly issuing benchmark secured bonds
  • Liquidity Coverage Ratio (LCR): 159 %

We have a good market position

Corporates & Mittelstand

  • Strong market position with 37 % customer share among large corporates
  • 19 % customer share in large Mittelstand - targeted expansion in the regions

Real Estate & Savings Banks/Association

  • Real estate: approx. EUR 4,8 bn new business and approx. EUR 1.5 bn renewals in 2017
  • No. 1 partner to the Bavarian savings banks
  • Top position in foreign notes & coins / precious metals


  • Around 3.7m retail customers – second largest online bank in Germany
  • Leading position in the renewable energy sector (EUR 10.4 bn portfolio)

Financial Markets

  • Top position in covered bonds and Schuldschein note loans
  • Supplier of interest and currency management products
  • Broad market access to institutional investors