Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Corporate governance: Governing bodies and principles

As a Landesbank we are an institution established under public law. The Bayerische Landesbank Law provides for a clear separation of management and supervisory structures.

Our governing bodies

  • The Board of Management currently consists of six persons and conducts the Bank's business. In organisational terms, Sustainability Management falls within the Chairman of the Board of Management’s area of responsibility.
  • The Supervisory Board consists of 11 members. There are ten shareholder representatives and one representing BayernLB’s Staff Council.
  • The General Meeting is a meeting of shareholders that resolves on fundamental issues.

Our corporate governance principles

Our corporate governance principles are largely based on the German Corporate Governance Code, in so far as these can be sensibly applied to BayernLB as an unlisted public-sector company with only two indirect shareholders. Our rules go beyond the requirements of the German Corporate Governance Code in a number of areas.