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Press release 18-Aug-2022

BayernLB posts EUR 277 m in profit before taxes for first half of 2022

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Investor Relations 25-Mar-2022

Brief Profile

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Investor Relations 01-Sep-2022


Important Facts about BayernLB

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Investor Relations 19-Jul-2022

BayernLB ratings

BayernLB ratings at a glance

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Investor Relations 21-Sep-2022

Rating reports

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Sustainability ratings – independent and transparent

ESG sustainability ratings: BayernLB enjoys an above-average rating.

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Investor Relations 18-Aug-2022

Financial Reports

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Bank stress test July 2021

EBA (European Banking Authority) stress test

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Funding & Issues 08-Jun-2022

Funding strategy

The aim of BayernLB’s funding strategy is to access funding from a wide range of sources.

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Funding & Issues 09-Jun-2022

Debt Issuance Programme

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