Performance commitment

"Strong in all asset classes" - we work with German and international investors. Whether buying or refinancing real estate in Germany and established foreign markets

"We can do more than finance": Our real estate customers can access the full product range of a universal bank. We work closely with our specialist subsidiaries.

  • Real estate customers trust us: the average business relationship in the real estate business lasts 15 years. On average, we will write EUR 5.5 billion of new business a year in the medium term.
  • Our credit portfolio testifies to our performance: with EUR 18.4 billion of exposure, we are one of the largest and strongest financers of commercial real estate in Germany.
  • We have an high reputation: our deals enjoy high public visibility.
  • Our advice and service is tailored to the customer and industry: our relationship managers are specialists in all asset classes, countries and customer groups.
  • We have a unique real estate network: we work closely with our subsidiaries Real IS, BayernFM, BayernImmo and LBImmoWert.
  • We are efficient and focused: weekly meetings with decision makers guarantees fast processing and commitments you can trust.