360° Real Estate: the right team for every task

Our strong network, your successful project: BayernLB and its subsidiaries serve you along the entire real estate value chain.

Your challenge

Just like people, every property goes through a life cycle. Planning is followed by construction, utilisation and marketing. In each of these phases, the commercial real estate sector needs expert and specialised partners that provide complex services. Plots of land have to be developed, participation models devised, properties valued, investments and transactions financed. In addition, asset management provides investors access to real estate and creates values; at the same time, facility management serves to maintain the portfolio and preserve values.

Our solutions

We offer you the right team for every task. BayernLB is one of the major commercial real estate financiers in Germany. But in concert with our subsidiaries – DKB, Real I.S., BayernImmo, LBImmoWert, BayernFM and BayernGrund – our services go beyond finance. We support project developers, investors, housing companies, institutional fund initiators and asset managers along the entire value chain. This all-round service is our 360° real estate service offering for you. 360° RE for short.

What you get

  • A one-stop shop: we bundle our expertise under a single Group umbrella and bring the specialists needed for your project to the table.
  • Competent support where you are: we have a strong presence in Germany, Europe and other established foreign markets – from the US to Australia.
  • Broad range of services: we meet your requirements with a comprehensive range of premium services.
  • Modular offering: we develop an individualised all-in-one package for you made up of fully harmonised components.
  • First-class service: our close interaction enables short reaction times and prevents interface losses – even when the requests are complex.

Are you looking for a contact? We are happy to help

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