Fund and asset management

Invest in outstanding real estate

Both institutions and private individuals look for investments with asset backing and future prospects. This is exactly what is targeted by the open-end and closed-end real estate funds from our subsidiary Real I.S. They have already won many awards.

Good prospects for the future

The Real I.S. Group is one of Germany's leading providers of real estate investments. It manages properties worth in excess of EUR 5 billion all over the world. There are four locations in Europe and Australia. Over 60,000 private investors have already put their money in funds from Real I.S. And some 200 institutions such as banks, savings banks, church bodies, foundations, pension funds and insurers have done the same.

The benefits for you

  • You are building on many years of international experience in buying, selling and managing real estate
  • You can rely on a fully regulated company supervised by BaFin
  • We make tangible use of the knowledge advantage from our independent research to your benefit

Our services for you

  • Real estate investments with a transparent design and a solid track record
  • Access to attractive real estate markets worldwide
  • Properties managed locally
  • Customised real estate offerings for institutional investors: as a portfolio fund, club deal, joint venture or individual fund
  • Sustainable real estate investments for private investors: as closed-end alternative investment fund (gAIF) under KAGB.