Facility management and construction controlling

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Facility management and construction controlling

Optimise your building management and cut your costs

There are many aspects to sustainable building management. It is worth considering the issue as a whole and seeking expert advice.

For sustainable benefits

Commercial properties nearly always have considerable scope for optimisation. The good thing about this is that whatever you improve, it has a permanent positive effect. Your energy costs fall, the quality of the technical facilities rises, security improves and the value of your property goes up. We are happy to support you in this. With the services of BayernFM, our subsidiary for sustainable facility management.

The benefits for you

  • You have your building managed by professionals
  • You gain security for your construction and renovation projects
  • You comply with all the relevant laws and regulations
  • You make permanent savings on energy and costs
  • You increase the functionality and value of your building
  • You rely on an experienced advisor knowledgeable in theory and practice

Our services for you

  • Technical and infrastructure building services
  • Commercial and technical management of facility services
  • Advising and representing builders from the vision through planning to completing the new building or renovation
  • Optimising the structures, processes, tasks and data in the current building management
  • Energy optimisation and audit
  • Advice on development funds and applying for them