360° Real Estate in action: Living cohesion within the Group

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Our deal in Hamburg:

Our announcement on the financing of Hamburg Grindelallee 40-44 was published back in September ( press release ). This sophisticated portfolio development by the Hamburg HIPE Group is located directly on the university campus in the popular student district. The existing residential building will be modernized and extended to include stores, offices and a medical practice, as well as a local grocer and a daycare center. As a result, the property is making a significant contribution to Hamburg's urban development and to the implementation of our ESG strategy.

Our 360° approach:

The closing of this transaction was not only a success for BayernLB: Immo Neufeldt, the responsible account manager, recognized the customer's need for an exit partner during the transaction and, through his involvement, established contact with Real I.S. - the real estate asset management company of the BayernLB Group - as a potential buyer after completion of the project development. Thus, in addition to financing, we were able to directly serve our client's need for a buyer and provide HIPE with holistic support along the entire value-added cycle. Real I.S. prevailed in the market and ultimately purchased the building for one of its real estate funds.

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Our win-win-win:

"We are pleased that we were not only trusted to provide the project financing for this real estate development, but that we also succeeded in actively using the 360° networking of the BayernLB Group. This means that both BayernLB, REAL I.S. and the project developer benefit from the cooperation," says Immo Neufeldt, the responsible account manager at BayernLB.

On the customer side, too, the clear added value of the 360° Real Estate approach was shared, emphasizes Peter Karshüning, who coordinated the project with his team at the HIPE Group: "Thanks to BayernLB's contact with REAL I.S., we were able to initiate the sale of Grindelallee shortly after the financing was concluded. We are pleased to have found a deeply networked project partner in BayernLB Group and to have been able to simplify the entire transaction process."