A great outlook

“Better living” and more: why the Swedish real estate company Akelius is so successful

Those who are choosy often miss out. In the real estate sector and especially in the case of BayernLB real estate customer Akelius it is exactly the other way round. “The ‘art of waiting’ takes a lot of time and energy. However, we follow a rigorous cherry-picking approach, only acquiring individual properties that we are absolutely confident will be profitable,” stresses Pål Ahlsén, CEO of the Swedish residential properties company Akelius.

The Scandinavian firm purchases, modernises and manages residential properties. The company currently owns about 46,000 apartments in Germany, Sweden, England, Canada, USA and most recently also in Copenhagen. At the heart of its activities are locations defined by Akelius as “City with Soul”. For example, 86 percent of the apartments are situated in urban areas like Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Paris, London, Toronto, Montreal, New York, Boston, Washington, Stockholm and Copenhagen – all big cities with strong growth and potential for modernisation. A great outlook for Akelius. Or as music fan Ahlsén puts it, “this strikes the right chord!”

All Akelius apartments are sooner or later given the shared label “Better Living”. It stands for uniform furnishings of the most superlative quality. The kitchens come from Germany, the tiles from Italy, the parquet flooring from Sweden... Living at the highest level.

Also at the highest level is the business relationship between Akelius and BayernLB. Pål Ahlsén: “We have immense faith in the expertise of the Bank’s staff; they understand our business model and our needs. We are therefore delighted that we can continue to count on the know-how and creativity of BayernLB’s real estate experts in the future. We rate their support and advice as ‘first class’.” Sounds good to us!