Sustainable capital market financing

Sustainable capital market financing

Count on our longtime experience

The trend in sustainability instruments remains unbroken and illustrates the increasingly strong position on the international capital markets, with 2021 on track to set a new record. The range of issuers who qualify their securities as sustainable investments is constantly expanding. In this context, the segment of ESG-linked products is becoming increasingly popular among issuers due to their unrestricted use of funds. In addition, institutional investors are increasingly broadening their risk-return approach to investments by including the sustainability factor. They are also focusing increasingly on whether the issuer also actively pursues a social and ecological strategy and sustainable corporate management.

The leading rating agencies confirm that BayernLB's commitment to sustainable development is well ahead of the industry curve. We advise and support you in financing your sustainable projects with our long-standing expertise.


  • You gain new investor groups
  • You underpin your company's sustainable orientation also at your financing level
  • You boost your image in the market
  • Initial analyses and observations indicate price benefits


Green Finance

  1. Proceeds from the bonds must be used for sustainable projects such as environmental and climate protection or social impact measures.
  2. A second opinion from a specialist independent rating agency is mandatory.

ESG-linked Finance

  1. Proceeds from the bonds can be used for general corporate purposes.
  2. The financing and its interest margin are linked to an ESG rating from an independent sustainability rating agency or specific sustainability key performance indicators (KPIs)..

What we offer

  • International expertise for the whole issuing process for green bonds, green Schuldschein note loans (German note loans) and ESG-Linked Schuldschein note loans (German note loans)
  • Assistance in choosing and hiring the independent rating agency
  • Assistance with the selection of sustainability indicators with integrity
  • Selection of the appropriate product – bonds, Schuldschein note loans

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