Liquidity management

Scope for individual needs in group structures

Manage your liquidity with a reliable partner by your side. So you can stay flexible - in the group and in the subsidiaries.

Make the most of your options

Overdrafts, overnight and fixed-term deposits, cash management: With us you have access to the full range of possibilities. Even if your group has special requirements; for example calling down liquidity in different currencies, doing money market transactions by telephone or individual transactions with a longer maturity.

  • Overdrafts for your daily requirements: With a variable interest rate based on the general trend in rates.
  • Overnight deposits for peak requirements: If you have short-term fluctuations in the millions, you can benefit from attractive short-term money market rates.
  • Fixed-term loan for a fixed period: A certain basis for calculation for the entire term and favourable short-term money market rates, including in foreign currencies.
  • Cash management: With the full range of options in our transfer service.
    • Requests for transfer (RFTs) to/from foreign banks accepted and executed
    • RFTs to banks holding accounts abroad checked, prepared and forwarded
    • Daily or end-period balance transfers checked, prepared and individually forwarded.
    • Final account balances transferred in a lump sum - daily or at the end of a period. Or balances reduced to zero by direct debit.

The benefits for you

  • You receive individual commitments rapidly
  • You have a stable basis for your conversations with external rating agencies
  • If you would like a solution involving several banks: we will do this for you in a syndicated loan

Our services for you

  • Credit facilities in various currencies for groups and including subsidiaries
  • Fixed-term loans and money market transactions processed over the telephone

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Wolfgang Wagner
Phone.: +49 89 2171 24310

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Christian Ulrich
Phone.: +49 89 2171 23939