Subsidised financing

Rise to new challenges with subsidised financing

Access the possibilities of public subsidies, with us a leading Landesbank in association with the savings banks. We review over 13,000 applications every year. This experience is reflected in the first-class advice we provide.

We keep an overview for you

Does your project qualify for subsidy? What is the best structure for passing the funds on to you? How can you ensure attractive terms? These are the sort of questions we answer for you. So you don't have to have an overview of more than 1,200 subsidy programmes!

The benefits for you

  • You receive a funding package that is optimally structured
  • Your application is submitted and processed: professional support increases the chance of approval

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Petra Becker
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Our services for you

  • Long maturities and fixed-rate periods of up to 20 years
  • Repayment holidays in the initial years and optional right to make unscheduled repayments
  • Liability waivers and guarantees may be provided by the development bank
  • Attractive repayment bonuses in some subsidy programmes