Relieve your capital

A guarantee is the perfect complement for your liquidity planning. With us you have an experienced partner on your side.

The benefits for you:

  • An advance payment guarantee gives you payments that can be planned and ensures your liquidity
  • Use our checked text templates in your negotiations: in German and English
  • Knowledgeable support in drafting documents

Our services for you

Fixed-term and open-ended guarantees in the form of:

  • Tender guarantees that protect the buyer
  • Advance payment guarantees for the reimbursement of downpayments made, in the event of non-performance
  • Warranties against defects
  • Contractual performance guarantees should obligations not be met properly in full
  • Payment guarantees for the underlying goods transaction
  • All available in euro and foreign currencies

Would you like to syndicate the guarantee facility with several banks and/or credit insurers? Depending on the volume, we can do that for you. We act as sole bookrunner, MLA and agent.

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Wolfgang Wagner
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Christian Ulrich
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