Project financing

Project financing

Finance your projects in a way that corresponds with your sector and contractual arrangement

Infrastructure, conventional and renewable energy: When it comes to financing projects in this sector, deep sector expertise counts. Looking to invest in an infrastructure or PPP project? Bidding for a PPP project? We work with you throughout the tender phase and support your bid with a considered financing offer.

Financing projects all over the world

Teams of experts will work with you to structure and arrange projects and put stable, long-term financing in place. With us you can count on loans that are right for the sector, because with us bespoke financing solutions are created which are adjusted to reflect the contractual life of your projects.

Our project financing model

  • Facilitates borrowing through an SPV; using loans or bonds that have no or limited recourse to shareholders or the public sector
  • Run model simulations as a key element in the structuring
  • Involve the engagement of external consultants, especially for transactions in international jurisdictions
  • Advice and support throughout a tender process based on an customised financing offer
  • Highly tailored and flexible financing structures, based on detailed associated documentation
  • Ensures that risks are allocated in an appropriate manner between the various project

The benefits for you

  • With us you achieve a balanced distribution of risk
  • You use financing structures that have little if any impact on your balance sheet
  • You employ capital structures that optimise leverage
  • You access innovative sources of funding: e.g. interest rate hedging instruments, export credit insurance and capital markets products

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Carmen Larraz Melero
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Our services for you

  • Construction period financing
  • Total lifecycle financing
  • Equity bridging
  • Non-recourse and limited-recourse financing
  • Syndications
  • Capital market products (bonds, working capital facility)
  • Development and subsidised funding arrangements
  • Interest rate hedging instruments