Financing of receivables portfolios

Flexibly manage liquidity and risks

This is simple with our established, secure and recognised platform.

Corelux – the platform for your financing

Are you looking for an efficient instrument to manage your liquidity, risk and balance sheet? Then our Corelux funding platform is just right for you. Selling portfolios of receivables to securitisation platforms like Corelux without recourse has been recognised standard practice in Germany for over 25 years. The Corelux platform is fully supported and one of Germany's market leaders.

Combine the benefits

A securitisation programme combines the benefits of genuine factoring (true sale) and the capital market. The purchase of receivables is funded by selling short-term securities in Europe or the USA. We guarantee to investors that the securities will be repaid. Investors acquire a BayernLB risk, which is also protected by the portfolio of securities bought. The short-term securities are rated F1(sf) by Fitch and P1 (sf) by Moody's.

  • International securitisation transactions in a leading position: use our longstanding experience
  • You will be working with a form of financing that is market standard in Germany for 25 years. You gain access to a secure financing, mainly independent of changes in credit rating
  • You benefit from a flexible financing instrument

Active for you

We are the founding shareholder of True Sale International GmbH ("TSI"). Together with TSI, we have been engaged in securitisation under German law and in other activities since 2004. The aim is to create for large corporates an individuel and tailor made product and for all other customers a standardised product that has been agreed with all market participants.

Corelux for Mittelstand companies

  • You receive standardised template documentation in English
  • You can count on a lean, standardised and proven processes
  • You benefit from simple and lean structures

Corelux for large corporates

  • Your benefit is a fast and professional execution due to our extensive international experience, including in pan-European and US transactions
  • You can customise securitisation structures

Our services for you

  • Finance trade receivables, accounts receivable and leasing receivables, with the focus on movable assets
  • The receivables can be due from private individuals, companies or the public sector
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