Sustainable lending

We are your reliable partner for green loans, social loans and ESG-linked loans. With the right financing solutions from BayernLB you can sharpen your focus on sustainable investments while reaping the benefits of our expertise as an ESG coordinator.

Your challenge

How are you going to finance your sustainability transformation? What’s your plan for investing in environmental and climate protection with green loans, or in social projects with social loans? How can you use our sustainability/ESG-linked loans – and link the financing terms and conditions to your sustainability performance? What are even the regulations governing sustainability?

You have questions? We’ll turn the enormous challenges for your company into opportunities. After all, the future belongs to sustainability-oriented business models. We understand the high dynamics of the ever-evolving regulatory frameworks and can assemble the right products for you and advise you based on your individual needs and situation.

“With our yearslong experience in sustainability financing, we’ll support you in your transformation.”

Wolfgang Wagner, Corporate Finance, BayernLB

Our solutions

  • Whether for asset finance, corporate finance or real estate: we’re your project and special financing partner, offering you terms of 20 years and longer – with leasing solutions, if needed
  • We’ll work with you to select the right financing for your sustainable investment
  • We’ll structure green and social loans for you on the credit market, which you can use for ecologically sustainable investments or to make a social impact
  • We develop ESG-linked financing for and with our customers; these products are tied to sustainability targets (KPIs) or to an improvement in the ESG rating
  • We help our customers in choosing the sustainability KPIs and, for their sustainability ratings, suitable ESG rating agencies
  • We’ll help see your projects through as your ESG coordinator

What you get

  • Help with your transformation, based on our many years of sustainability experience
  • Attractive terms and conditions
  • Underpinning of your company’s ESG orientation – also at the financing level
  • An enhanced reputation among customers, suppliers, talents and investors

Our experience – in-depth knowledge of the regulatory framework

We’ve been “doing sustainability” for years and helping companies with their transformation. This requires a profound understanding of the opportunities in the market and the regulatory framework.

For green, social and ESG-linked loans, we follow our Sustainable Lending Framework, which is based on the LMA guidelines, among others. The Framework provides the guidance and parameters for our sustainable financing activities, which are aligned with our Sustainability Strategy from the outset. This makes BayernLB’s range of sustainable credit finance products transparent, thereby serving also as a seal of quality.

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